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Snooze, Slumberland

Director . Ben Turner

DOP . Red Stevenson

Producer . Dianna Glenn

Prod Design . Ruby Railey

Creative Two Tractors

Edit . Paul Travers

Snooze wanted to create a campaign that elevated their budget focused ‘Slumberland’ range of mattresses. The creative consisted of a series of vignettes that focused on the core demographics for the range being young children, teens, university students and young couples.
It was important that the spaces felt authentic and inviting and so we enlisted the skills of our talented production designer Ruby who did a fantastic job of bringing the environments to life.

In addition to creating beautiful spaces I wanted to create a sense of magic in the way we transitioned from one scene to another. Using 3d previsualisation I devised a rotating camera rig that orbited the set which our talented grip Mark then built on set.


The end result was a seamless transition from one scene to the next as we rotated between environments as if by magic.

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